Mental Health Advisor

I provide educational classes for students, group workshops for professionals, informative and entertaining talks for team meetings and full lectures for universities or colleges. My interests include, working in cyberspace and the impact of cyber culture on adolescent development and mental health.


I believe that I am a creative and imaginative person and seek to make my classes interesting and enjoyable. I look for multiple ways of delivery to incorporate the learning styles of individual students and I encourage them to learn more about themselves and how they can assimilate new learning and information in the best way for them. I have, I’m told, a likeable, approachable style, which enables me to relate professionally to students of all ages, backgrounds and ability. I am equally happy to engage with students in both the formal classroom setting and the more informal environments offered in the residential settings.

“Gerry’s knowledge base, enthusiasm and confidence, as a resource, has been invaluable. I found the entire presentation captivating and very informative.”  Marcia,  Psychotherapist.



I believe that I am an effective an engaging orator that exudes friendliness and encourages an inclusive and open approach to debate. I am frequently invited to speak at conferences and counselling workshops, which I thoroughly enjoy. I have, throughout my career, worked predominantly as a ‘communicator’ (in one form or another) and I think this has equipped me to quickly identity how a person or group engage and learn and I can respond to that, altering or adapting my methodology to suit. I am heartened to see a number of people that I have managed or taught go on to enjoy satisfying and fulfilling careers as counsellors and psychotherapists. I have, over the years been responsible for writing up training and learning plans and also creating company (staff) structures and communicating those through the means of visual and written aids. I am particularly adept at sensing and adopting the style and tone of online communities and feel really at ease in this medium.

“The anecdotes and examples made it real – not just theoretical. A wonderful day, something to aspire to. Thank you so much.” Tracey, Student Children & Young People, Counsellor


My enthusiasm is legendary! I always bring enormous passion, energy and commitment to my work and feel confident in my ability to build relationships with people that are based on trust, honesty and transparency.

I lead by example and know from feedback from peers and colleagues that I have often acted as a role model and key influencer in their careers and lives. I am a natural communicator and never tire of meeting new people and hearing about their dreams and ambitions. I think people feel at ease with me and trust me implicitly, which in turn, allows and empowers them to grow and thrive. I am wholly committed to diversity, equality and fairness in my own practice and life and treat everyone I come into contact with the same level of kindness and respect.

 “Excellent. So helpful… Gerry had such enthusiasm and the info was highly relevant.” Linda, Counselling Training attendee.

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