My counsellor journey

My experience as a counselling professional is both broad and varied and includes, setting up and managing my own counselling agency where I worked as both counsellor and clinical lead, lecturing in HE, training other counselling professionals, providing clinical supervision for both individuals and groups, group therapy, delivering workshops, guest lecturing  and conference presenter.

On a personal level, I am a mum, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin and a friend. I enjoy books, walks, music, good food with open-minded company. The comfort of warm and kind companions. AND, last but not least – a good laugh.

Like many others entering the profession, counselling was a second career for me.


“A career of two halves.”

The first half of my working life was spent performing as a singer, dancer and actress in theatres, TV, cruise ships, end of pier shows and holiday venues in the UK and abroad. I later progressed into the management of other performers, producing and choreographing many shows over the years and then setting up and running my own successful talent agency.

Helping people to develop, grow and to achieve their dreams has always been a hugely rewarding part of the work that I do and was unquestionably key to my decision to start counsellor training in 2004.

“Every blade of grass has its Angel bending over and whispering, “Grow, grow.” (The Talmud. Chapin & Chapin, 2012).


“Finding me-more.”

A dozen years on and the study of the human condition is as fascinating as ever to me and working in the counselling industry is something that I enjoy immensely.

The parallels between the two careers are surprisingly many and I finally feel at that juncture of  personal development where I can assimilate and integrate all the learning from both careers into a cohesive useful model of “being” that is helpful to others and unique to me.

“I’m beginning to find me. It’s great.” (Rita in Educating Rita. Willy Russell, 1983).

“The Eternal Student.”


I continue to study, research, learn and reflect on self and practice every day.

I attained BACP Accreditation (2014) and a Diploma in Clinical Supervision (2014). I have a Diploma in Counselling (2007) and a Masters Degree in Counselling Studies (2013), receiving Distinctions for my module, ‘Working with Young People’ and also for my dissertation research entitled  “A Qualitative Study of Counsellors’ Experiences and Perceptions of the Evolving Political and Professional Environment.”

As the title suggests, I like to keep abreast of developments across the profession, including government initiatives and changes to legislation: particularly pertaining to children and young people.

I’m an avid advocate and representative for adolescents and my research interests include, the impact of the digital revolution on children and young people, their emotional development, identity formation (image), sense of self and how they survive and thrive in the digital age.

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